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14th May 2022


11:30 am - 1:30pm

Hem Angels is part of Hem Securities Limited, having experience of 4 decades in Financial Markets. It intends to co-invest along with the lead investors. It focuses across multiple sectors, asset-light scalable business model, business with existing customer and revenue traction, strong founder pedigree, and doing something different than the other players in the market. Its proprietary curation process and fast track closure in terms of syndication and fund mobilization are USPs which is scaling up Hem Angels.

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Start-ups pitching on this day are

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TIME: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM


D2C - Food


Healthier, differentiated, and innovative online first snack brand

Snackible is a Mumbai-based company, founded in May 2015 by Aditya Sanghavi, offers 65+ healthy snacks at affordable rates online & offline channels. Snackible is an online-first snacks brand that markets a robust range of healthier, differentiated, and innovative snacking options under categories like sweet, savory, low calorie, high fiber, high protein, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc and retains an equitable balance between taste and health. Snackible developed a dynamic menu of over 30 snacks which includes Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies, Whole Wheat Ready to Eat Waffles, and Flavoured Makhanas, which are offered to customers through subscription boxes from INR 699 or individual snacks to customers from INR 40. They have Predominantly marketing strategy collaborating with 250+ Industry Influencers and 50+ Micro –Influencers , they are using machine learning automated CRM tool for digital/ performance marketing which is generating ROI – driven sales and targets adverts to promote offline sales which allowed them to reach revenue from INR 10.5 CR FY22 to INR 100 CR by FY25.

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TIME: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM




Infotainment & weather protection IOT device for any 2-wheeler

SEPAL is Hyderabad-based, founded in the year 2020 by Vidhey Addepally, an IIT Bombay alumni, and Sriram Kashyap. Automotive accessories company offers hassle-free IOT-based devices which provide complete protection from Sun, rain dust, and even cold, entirely on-demand and ultimate comfort like a car by introducing revolutionary water-repellent canopy for a two-wheeler with an integrated HUD design and is providing collapsible roof-integrated IOT device with a mobile app for riders with all comforts that can be quickly attached to any motorcycle that allows users to navigate, answer calls and stream music. Currently operates on a B2B & B2C model by selling the products like canopy, windshield, straps, etc online from INR 500- INR 8200 and selling travel & road data to location-based analytics & health condition firms like Local.AI, L&T, etc. Sepal plans to reach maximum customers with influencer marketing, moto vlogging, and Partnering with Amazon, Flipkart, or other logistics partners will allow them to reach revenue from INR 75 lakhs in FY22 from selling monthly 400 units to INR 624 CR in FY27 from selling monthly 80k units.

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TIME: 12:30 PM-1:00 PM




Reinventing the Indian Agriculture

The Jaipur-based startup was founded in 2016 by IIT alumnus Rajendra Lora and Chandrakanta. Freshokartz is India’s first social commerce platform for farmers providing a full-stack solution to farmers to provide Pre and post-harvest agriculture-related services. Freshokartz operates on a B2B2C model where field executives use a mobile app to map the data and brings farmers on the platform by charging subscription from INR 500 to INR 1000 annually per farmer for soil-based crop & fertilizer recommendation and also helps in creating seamless supply chain by linking farm to the buyer directly as per the output quality by providing Spot Grading facility & logistics management which reduces wastages. Freshokartz plans to acquire more users by onboarding 3-5 Saarthis per village, giving them the potential to get 3000-5000 farmers per month on the platform and incentives them so that they would get motivated to arrange more farm meetings. Partnership with companies like UPL, BASF, Axis Bank, ICICI Lombard, Davara to fulfill farmers' needs and sell their products to large buyers like Reliance which allow them to grow revenue from INR 25.2 CR in FY22 to INR 909 CR in FY26.

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TIME: 1:00 PM-1:30 PM 




Natural Fusion Beverages

RASKIK is a Gurgaon-based Natural Fusion Beverages company incorporated in 2019, founded by a team of IIM, JBIMS, and Harvard alumni who have combined 50+ Years of Experience in Creating, Scaling, and Running the Global Beverage company. Raskik is a millennial-centric brand, delivering a portfolio of unique natural fusion beverages by combining real fruits and super-tender coconut water with natural ingredients and no preservatives, no artificial color with 6-month ambient shelf life at an affordable price of INR 30. They are present in 6 cities at over 15K+ outlets serving five variants of coconut water and fruit juice fusions through general trade, local MT chains, and e-grocers. Raskik plans to acquire the market with help of social media influencers which would use reels, stories, and jingles which has allowed to achieve 6+million views and 1.8 million impressions in 3 months and launch an exciting portfolio of products for its D2C- ‘Click 2 Sip’ in different sizes and ‘Coco-Energy’ which will allow them to grow their market size and expanding geographically at a 6X rate.

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Individual Investor ◉ Corporates ◉ Angel Investors ◉ Venture Capitalists

◉ Financial Market Participants (CAs, Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors & Planners & Lawyers) ◉ Directors/CEOs/CXOs/CFOs/Founders ◉ Any person looking to invest in Start-ups

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4 decades

of experience in Financial Markets

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Focus on 

co-investing/ last mile funding

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Promoting strong

founder pedigree

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Proprietary curation


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fast-track closures

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Award Winning

Merchant banker since

5 consecutive years from


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