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20th August 2022


11:30 am - 1:30pm

Hem Angels is part of Hem Securities Limited, having experience of 4 decades in Financial Markets. It intends to co-invest along with the lead investors. It focuses across multiple sectors, asset-light scalable business model, business with existing customer and revenue traction, strong founder pedigree, and doing something different than the other players in the market. Its proprietary curation process and fast track closure in terms of syndication and fund mobilization are USPs which is scaling up Hem Angels.

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Start-ups pitching on this day are

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TIME: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM




Creator Economy
monetization through Online courses

Founded by Kinner Sacchdev and Rakhi Wadhwa in April 2018, Knorish is a SaaS platform that allows its users to launch stores and sales funnels for selling courses and content. It is the world’s most convenient do-it-yourself platform for creators & influencers to take their “business online” using its readymade “sales funnels” to monetise their content. "Coaches and instructors are good at teaching, but they struggle to sell. Building sales funnels to market online content is super tough and it takes a lot of days and a team of 10-12 people. With quick & 3 easy steps Knorish's funnel builder, over 90% of content sellers are able to cross $1,000 within the first few months of launching their first funnel that too at an affordable cost. Knorish has experienced a 330% growth in monthly users and has 8lacs users from countries and achieved a 3X jump in GMV from $1.1mn in FY21 to $3.2mn in FY22 and is ready to scale this business by tapping the global creator economy of $104.2 billion.

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TIME: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM


B2B SaaS

IoT enabled Indoor Air Quality
Management solution

Founded by childhood friends Aayush Jha and Udayan Banerjee in 2018. Clairco, a cleantech startup – SaaS-based complete Indoor Air Quality management solution making the adoption of air purification affordable, measurable, and scalable by leveraging technological innovations in the ventilation systems of commercial real estate like offices, airports, metro stations, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, tech parks. They have developed a patented technology to convert existing air ventilation units into air purification systems to become the world’s first company that can guarantee clean air at Zero-CapEx. Clairco is collectively managing more than 6 million sq. ft across India and helping 100K people breathe clean & healthy air on a daily basis. Currently, they are serving more than 25 Paying clients and have an ARR of INR 4.2 CR. Their Clientele includes Brigade Group, Brookfield, Wework, EMAAR, Pepsico, CBRE, CapitalLand, Axis Bank, Smartworks, HERO, Max estates, Vatika, and My home group, etc.

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TIME: 12:30 PM-1:00 PM


Food Tech

Ready to cook food brand inspired by Indian Regional Cuisines

Tulua is a ready-to-cook food brand founded in 2020 by father-daughter duo, Richy Dave and Hitesh Dave. Tulua focuses on regional flavors of India, which are hard to recreate in the home kitchen. With every product, they bring out authentic recipes from different parts of the country in form of versatile cooking pastes. These pastes can be used to cook curry in 3 easy steps and can also be used to make biryani, appetisers, and fusion recipes. They identify their product as a Meal Base. Their cooking paste forms the perfect base for all kinds of recipes. They have 5 distinctive recipes, chosen from 5 states of India. With strict QC policies and high-quality control, they bring a product that reminds the customers of home. Tulua sold more than 300 boxes in its first month and is available in 80+ stores. They have also exported 11 pallets to the USA. They have an MRR of 2 lakhs and an ARR of 24 lakhs..

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TIME: 1:00 PM-1:30 PM 


Health Tech


Revolutionizing Super Speciality Care

DoctCo is a first-of-its-kind healthtech startup setting up phygital centres in Tier II & III areas which are at 15-minute distance of low-bandwidth communities, providing patients access to the best secondary and tertiary care from OPD to surgical procedures through a panel of super specialists at affordable rates. The centre is equipped with a doctor and cutting edge technology such as AI & IoMT devices that simulates in-person discussions between medical specialists and patients. So far they have tied up with 500+ hospitals and have extended their footprint to 72 cities across 16 states. Currently has setup 3 phygital centres simulating real time data through its IOMT devices and consults with 4000+ super specialistis, completed 1500+ OPD's. With Annualized revenue of INR 60 Cr, it has achieved 248% MOM growth in revenue, 3x growth in centres and plan to rollout 750 phygital centres, acquire 10 Million plus users and accumulated revenue of INR $1 Billion by the end of FY25.

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Individual Investor ◉ Corporates ◉ Angel Investors ◉ Venture Capitalists

◉ Financial Market Participants (CAs, Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors & Planners & Lawyers) ◉ Directors/CEOs/CXOs/CFOs/Founders ◉ Any person looking to invest in Start-ups

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4 decades

of experience in Financial Markets

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Focus on 

co-investing/ last mile funding

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Promoting strong

founder pedigree

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Proprietary curation


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fast-track closures

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Award Winning

Merchant banker since

5 consecutive years from


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